I found a home!

July.18.2009 at 10:19 am 1 comment

So I finally finished my quest of trying out the different servers I thought looked appealing for roleplaying. When I first logged onto a new server, I made a human so that it would be an easier trek to Stormwind. When I arrived, I started looking for some roleplaying, and even asked in the trade channel what it’s inhabitants thought of the roleplay on their server. Most responses were, “Roleplay? Where?” obviously these servers weren’t as RP oriented as they had originally claimed. I left immediately… -.- haha

Among the two servers that caught my eye, were Wyrmrest Accord and Moonguard. When I asked in trade, Wyrmrest said that their quality of roleplay was a lot better than Moonguard’s when you can find it, while on Moonguard, I found a lot of people roleplaying as soon as I logged in. I also found that the people were a bit more friendly on Moonguard and even got invited into an Explorer’s guild, where we go on monthly expeditions around the world! (which is a really cool idea btw!)

So, after much deliberation, I am proud to announce, that I have officially made my home on Moonguard, feel free to find me there if you’d like! Yay!


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Finding a home. Who am I?

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  • 1. Moonbiter  |  July.20.2009 at 3:34 am

    Woo! Another RP blog! And congratulations on finding a server to your liking! For someone who’s somewhat new to the scene of WoW RP, Wyrmrest and Moon Guard are definitely the best bet being they’re fresh and roleplay opportunities are plentiful. Though I will say I’m not all that surprised that most of your RP searches in /trade didn’t go so well. On older servers, RP tends to be a little bit more underground and you have to do your homework to find out what the best channel to go through to locate it is.

    Regardless, welcome to the world of blogging and to Warcraft RP!


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