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Sorry >.<

Right now, I am going to have to take a haitus from this blogging adventure, I didn’t really get too far along, which I like, because I do eventually want to keep this going. Just right now, at this point in time in my life, I am too busy with school and work.. *sigh* Real life wins again.

I want to thank everyone who checked out my blog so far, and I know some day in hopefully the near future, I will pick it up again. I have some great ideas, just need the time to put them to paper!!



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Change of Heart…

Ok, so, my prepared piece was going to be an adventure by Alureith, I was going to finally try my part at writing a little story about her. But, as I was thinking about where I would begin, I started thinking that… maybe who I created, wasn’t really who I wanted to play. It took me a while to realize, but I think I finally… might know what kind of person I want to make her; which is actually a little quite the opposite from whom I was beginning to portray. Does this often happen to most RP’ers? Where they think they know what character they want to play, then after a while, have a total change of heart? What do you do in these circumstances? Do you make an entirely knew character, or just start playing them the way you have decided to play them?

In my case, I haven’t really met people in game, so I think it would be perfectly fine to just start off playing her in her whole new light.

So, my next post will be her new adventure, and… well… look for changes to her character bio I wrote up last post and also to the site. =)

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