As of now, I only have her physical description, as is shown in FlagRSP2, but later I will develop more of an overall sense of who she is, how she behaves, and also a bit of her lore.

Shorter than most of her race standing at 5’9” Alureith is of a very lithe and tiny build, weighing only 115 lbs., her wild blue hair makes up most of her apparent size. Her hair was left to grow untamed, but is still very soft and silky, each strand radiating with a soft silver glow. Within her hair are many bits and pieces of bark, flowers and tendrils of plants, which creates a lovely smell of the most perfect, in bloom, mageroyal blossom. Among these pieces of flora, can be found a single finely crafted hair pin, of a green glass ivy leaf with mithril tendrils winding around it and down around a few strands of her hair.

Her age is not apparent upon first glance, as her soft, rose-tinted, pristine skin shows no sign of aging or blemishes. Her face is even childlike, with full cheeks and wide eyes, her perfectly rounded cheekbones and delicate chin, add only the slightest notion of her womanhood and femininity. Even the beaming smile she often adorns is accompanied by her light and childlike laughter. Happiness radiates from her amber colored eyes. Over each of her glowing eyes is a birthmark of a leaf.

Alureith is for the most part extremely clean, besides the pieces of nature in her hair and her extremely tiny hands, which have worn down fingernails and show the remains of dirt.

Often, she is wearing an elegant dress adorned with little bits of plants and flowers, made of the finest linen and cotton fabrics. The only exception to this is when she is out exploring or fishing!


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