Sorry >.<

Right now, I am going to have to take a haitus from this blogging adventure, I didn’t really get too far along, which I like, because I do eventually want to keep this going. Just right now, at this point in time in my life, I am too busy with school and work.. *sigh* Real life wins again.

I want to thank everyone who checked out my blog so far, and I know some day in hopefully the near future, I will pick it up again. I have some great ideas, just need the time to put them to paper!!



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Change of Heart…

Ok, so, my prepared piece was going to be an adventure by Alureith, I was going to finally try my part at writing a little story about her. But, as I was thinking about where I would begin, I started thinking that… maybe who I created, wasn’t really who I wanted to play. It took me a while to realize, but I think I finally… might know what kind of person I want to make her; which is actually a little quite the opposite from whom I was beginning to portray. Does this often happen to most RP’ers? Where they think they know what character they want to play, then after a while, have a total change of heart? What do you do in these circumstances? Do you make an entirely knew character, or just start playing them the way you have decided to play them?

In my case, I haven’t really met people in game, so I think it would be perfectly fine to just start off playing her in her whole new light.

So, my next post will be her new adventure, and… well… look for changes to her character bio I wrote up last post and also to the site. =)

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Busy Busy Busy!

Hi everyone! I want to thank all of you that have been so welcoming to me, I really appreciate all of your support! I know I said I would post something every week, but I have been so incredibly busy with homework, ew… summer school is NOT fun, I haven’t even been able to play WoW for about a week and a half, so as it would be, there haven’t been any fun adventures to tell you about. 😦

Just keep looking for a new post late next week, as I will be finishing up finals on Thurs, I’ll be sure to prepare something special for Friday!

Have a great week!!

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Who am I?

So, now that I found a place for my RP craziness to begin, I find myself stumped as to who I want Alureith to be. Not only that, but after reading a lot of FlagRSP2‘s of other characters, I feel a little self-conscious about my writing and creative abilities. Some people have amazing bios and backstories, how am I supposed to live up to that?!

Well, I started off reading some guides other people posted about getting your character and you prepared for roleplaying. One really in depth resource I found was at, RP Made Simple where they had a RP Survival Guide starting from, What is Rp?, lore about the different races, how to create a backstory and description, to how to avoid being a Mary Sue (or someone who is extremely non-creative). You can check out the guide here {click me}.

As an example, I’m going to post one of the questionnaires I found on the World’s End Tavern Forum, and finally get started on developing Alureith! ++{continue reading}++

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I found a home!

So I finally finished my quest of trying out the different servers I thought looked appealing for roleplaying. When I first logged onto a new server, I made a human so that it would be an easier trek to Stormwind. When I arrived, I started looking for some roleplaying, and even asked in the trade channel what it’s inhabitants thought of the roleplay on their server. Most responses were, “Roleplay? Where?” obviously these servers weren’t as RP oriented as they had originally claimed. I left immediately… -.- haha

Among the two servers that caught my eye, were Wyrmrest Accord and Moonguard. When I asked in trade, Wyrmrest said that their quality of roleplay was a lot better than Moonguard’s when you can find it, while on Moonguard, I found a lot of people roleplaying as soon as I logged in. I also found that the people were a bit more friendly on Moonguard and even got invited into an Explorer’s guild, where we go on monthly expeditions around the world! (which is a really cool idea btw!)

So, after much deliberation, I am proud to announce, that I have officially made my home on Moonguard, feel free to find me there if you’d like! Yay!

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Finding a home.

As an avid gamer going on 5 years of playing World of Warcraft, I found I was beginning to get a little bored with my multiple level 80’s on my PVP servers. I raided in all the end game content, including 10/25 man Ulduar, and completed my dailies diligently. Unfortunately, the game I so loved, was beginning to seem more like work than actual fun. Repeating the same quests and killing the same bosses over and over, just lose their luster after a while. I became so discouraged that I stopped playing for a couple months.

Of course, even though I was essentially bored with the game, I couldn’t bear to leave it behind. I resumed listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Epic Dolls (which unfortunately is no longer being recorded, as of this week *cry*) and was inspired by the section created by Stardancer. Her portion of the podcast focuses on “sightseeing guides, unusual quests, and RP tips” within WoW. I was really intrigued by how the little things in World of Warcraft, that usually go unnoticed actually seemed so much more appealing to me than obtaining that next purple item. Every podcast, I would look forward to what she would say and found myself craving that extra aspect of WoW that was missing from my game play. Other things that interested me from the podcast, were the guild events they would talk about, such as a Summer Beach Party BBQ! or an in-game Prom! How fun does that sound?! You get to dress up your toon and talk and play with all your friends! What an insanely fun idea! I want to do that!!

Well, the first step in partaking in all the fun, is finding a home to do it in, and let me tell you… finding the BEST Roleplay server can be difficult sometimes… *sigh* ++{continue reading}++

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A world of firsts!

Wow! Way to start off a blog! I am proud to say that not only is this my first blog, but I am also going to be introducing my first RP character ever! I decided to start a blog, not only as a way to develop my character creation a bit further, but to also track my progress as a Beginner Roleplayer, and to bring up issues, resources, questions, and other tid-bits I encounter as I go along. Eventually, I hope that my blog can become a resource for other people new to Roleplaying, or people curious in exploring Roleplay (RP).

I essentially want to make this a weekly blog, so I am holding myself back from making a bunch of posts right away, hehehe, just stay tuned for more!

You can learn more about Alureith by visiting her page. {click here}

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